Sealants, Adhesives and Compounds


Product Application Standard/Specification Brief description Technical information
Dow Corning 732RTV Multi-purpose sealant MIL-A-46106B a paste-like, one-component silicone RTV designed for a wide variety of industrial sealing and adhesive applications. It cures at room temperature by reaction with moisture in the air to produce a durable, flexible silicone rubber  Dow Corning 732RTV
Dow Corning 736RTV Sealant a Nonslumping sealant designed for sealing and bonding applications exposed to temperatures as high as 315C (600F) Dow Corning 736RTV
Dow Corning 3145RTV adhesive/sealant MIL-A-46146B a High strength silicone adhesive/sealant designed to provide long term bonding and to protect against moisture, environmental attack, mechanical and thermal shock as well as vibration especially where a high strength product is required Dow Corning 3145RTV
Dow Corning 4 Silicone Compound MIL-S-8660C a dimethyl silicone compound for a variety of lubrication and protection applications  Dow Corning 4
Molykote 33 Light Grease Lubricating grease for metal/metal, metal/plastic combinations involving slow to mediumfast movements and light load, especially over a wide range of temperatures Molykote 33 Light 
Dow Corning Xiameter PMX 200 Silicone fluid a polydimethylsiloxane polymer manufactured to yield essentially linear polymers in a wide range of average kinematic viscosities Dow Corning Xiameter PMX 200
Lubriplate 130Aa Grease designed for those applications where a grease-type lubricant possessing extremely good water repellency and superior lubrication characteristics are desired  Lubriplate 130Aa
Ardrox AV100D Corrosion inhibiting compound is applied as a coating to protect metals commonly used in airframe structures and in aerospace components from corrosion Ardrox AV100D
Tectyl 502C Corrosion preventive compound MIL-PRF-16173 Class 1 Grade 2 a solvent cutback, soft wax base, corrosion preventive compound. It is designed to protect parts in indoor and covered storage and shipment Tectyl 502C
Hysol EA934Na A/B Adhesive a two-component thixotropic paste adhesive, which cures at room temperature and possesses superior strength to 300F/149C and higher Hysol EA934Na A/B
Elastosil E43 Silicone rubber a self-levelling silicone rubber with very good mechanical properties, which cures at room temperature under the influence of atmospheric moisture Elastosil E43