Product Brief description Application Technical information
Agrinol Tp Series Turbine oils for lubricating and cooling bearings of steam and gas turbines, water turbines, turbo compressor machines, ship steam turbine units and other equipment Agrinol Tp–22 Oil is intended for high-speed steam turbines, centrifugal and turbo compressors.

Agrinol Tp–30 Oil is intended for water turbines, turbo- and centrifugal compressors.

Agrinol Tp–46 Oil is intended for ship steam-power units with heavily loaded reducers as well as for auxiliary mechanisms.

Agrinol T-1500 Transformer oil produced from low sulfur crude oils This product is used as oil circuit breakers (and in other high-voltage equipment as the primary insulating material).
Agrinol Kompressoil VG Compressor oil according to DIN51506 – VDL and available in viscosity grades: VG 46, VG 68, VG 100, VG 150, VG 220 and VG 320 Agrinol Kompressoil VG 46 and VG 68 are intended for greasing of screw and rotary air compressors.

Agrinol Kompressoil VG 100, VG 150 and VG 220 are intended for greasing of piston air compressors working permanently at 220°С on a blowing line.

Agrinol I-30A A refined industrial oil without any additives according to GOST 20799 – 88 This oil is used for machines and mechanisms of industrial equipment that does not impose specific requirements to anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties of oils. This product can also be used as hydraulic liquids.
Agrinol oil IGP Series Industrial oil according to ISO 6743 (DIN 51524.2) and available in viscosity grades: VG 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 Agrinol oil IGP VG 32,46,68 are used to lubricate high-speed gearboxes, small and moderate gears and worm gears, variable, electromagnetic, and gear couplings, bearing units, sliding guides and bearings

Agrinol oil IGP VG 100,150,220,320 are used in the hydraulics of heavy press equipment. They are also used for greasing of gear-boxes, toothed and worm reducers of average loading, circulating greasing of systems of various equipment

Agrinol Cylinder oil 52 Industrial oil according to GOST 6411-76 This oil is intended for greasing of the reciprocating steam engines of different purposes, working in superheated steam (C-52 up to 400°С) under heavy loads and low speeds.
Agrinol KS-19P Compressor oil according to DIN 51506 – VBL; ISO 6743/3 – DAB and available in viscosity grade VG 220 Agrinol KS-19P is intended for greasing of piston and rotary compressors of average and high pressure.
Agrinol MGE Series Hydraulic oil according to ISO 6743 (DIN 51524) and available in viscosity grades: VG 5,15,22,46,68 Agrinol MGE Oils are used as working liquids in hydraulic drives, hydrotransmissions and circulating oil systems of various units, machines and mechanisms which constitute a part of the equipment of industrial enterprises, agricultural, constructing and road-building machines.

Agrinol MGE oils are recommended for usage at the following ambient temperature:

Agrinol MGE-4A – from minus 45 °С up to 70 °С;

Agrinol MGE-10 А – from minus 35 °С up to 90 °С;

Agrinol MGE-22B, -46V, -68V – from minus 10 °С up to 80 °С.