About us

Avio oil EOOD was established in 2003 as a distributor of aviation lubricants, greases and consumables to military and civil aviation.


The main objective of the company is building up strong and long-lasting relationship with our partners. We have settled loyalty as a driving attitude in our day-to-day communication with customers, suppliers and third parties.


We supply our customers with high quality products by major leading manufacturers – ExxonMobil Lubricants, Eastman Chemicals, Shell Lubricants, Total Lubricants, Nyco Lubricants, Royco Lubricants, PECOFacet Filtration.

Our product range includes engine, hydraulic and gear lubricants, greases, sealants and adhesives, cleaning and corrosion preventing products, paints and coatings, fuel-filtration elements.
We keep stock of many items, thus ensuring short lead time to our customers. In addition, we are proud to offer very competitive pricing terms.